What are Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)?

What are Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)?

Google SKAGs for Realtors

Have you ever wondered why your Google Ads (formerly Adwords) Buyer or Seller campaigns failed in the past?

When we set up new Google Ads campaigns, we do it differently than 99% of the other Realtor marketing companies out there. Most companies employ a strategy of “set it and forget it”. They use the exact same campaign for every customer, and then just turn it on and let it go. If you are lucky someone might spend 5 minutes PER MONTH reviewing your campaign’s performance.

We do things much differently. First off, we use what are called “Single Keyword Ad Groups” or SKAG’s. Most companies would NEVER spend the time to set up campaigns this way because it is A LOT of work.

Let me explain exactly what a Single Keyword Ad Group, or SKAG, is. Let’s start with an example. Say you are selling cars. Some of the keywords that you would be targeting would be “Ford”, “Chevy”, “Toyota”, “Corvette”, “Prius”, etc. What other (lazy!!!) companies would do is lump hundreds or thousands of these types of keywords into one single ad group and write a few ads that show for ALL of these different types of keywords! Think about that – how could one or two or three different ads we relevant for hundreds or thousands of different keywords??? The answer is quite simple – they can NOT!

That’s one of the reasons most Google Ads campaigns fail. Because the ads are not relevant to the keywords being targeted.

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What (smart!) Realtor marketing companies, who actually care about their client’s success do (like us), is create ONE single Ad Group for each unique keyword, and associate 8 different ads that are RELEVANT for those EXACT keywords. Yes, that is correct – we write 8 different ads for each unique keyword because then we can actually test what ads for each unique keyword are performing the best. Then we can remove all the other non-performing ads, and replace them with brand new ads.

Additionally, we actually have to work on these Google campaigns 7 days per week. Looking at it for 5 minutes per month will NEVER get the job done properly. We are inside of your campaign every single day reviewing, testing, and making changes. It’s the ONLY way to run a successful Google Ads campaign. Anyone who tells you any differently is not telling you the truth.

Let me repeat – the ONLY way your marketing dollars will be properly spent is if your marketing company is reviewing your keywords, ads, and campaign EVERY SINGLE day.

Over time, we want to spend your marketing budget on the keywords and ads that receive clicks AND generate conversions (leads). We do not want to spend our marketing dollars on keywords that do not convert.

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Another consideration to take into account is what is referred to as Google’s QUALITY SCORE. This is an internal algorithm that Google uses to determine how strong your keywords and ads are. The higher your quality score is, the more relevant your keywords and ads are, and the more your ads will show up over time, the higher they will appear in the Google results, and the LESS MONEY you will pay per click! So in effect what happens is over time YOU pay LESS per click than your competitors do for the EXACT same keywords, while you appear higher in the search rankings! That’s huge for your business.

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