How Many Listings Will You Get with Apex Lead Source?

How Many Listings Will You Get with Apex Lead Source?


How Many Listings Will You Get with Apex Lead Source?

The number one question I am constantly asked about is, “How many listings am I going to get with Apex Lead Source?”.

You are the only one who can answer that question because you are the one who will ultimately determine how many leads you turn into listings.

So while I can not tell you exactly how many deals you will get with any seller lead generation program, I can give you a pretty good idea of how your competitors are doing conversion wise with seller leads.

For every 100 seller leads that are generated from Google Ads, you should realistically be able to turn 2 or 3 into listings.  A 2-3% conversion rate should be your minimum conversion average goal.

Speed to Lead and Followup Are Essential

I base the 2-3% conversion ratio from leads converting into listings by making three extremely basic assumptions:

Basic Assumption #1: That the agent is going to practice excellent speed to lead. Meaning, when a new lead comes in, the agent will at least attempt to contact the lead within 5 minutes.  Less than 1 minute would lead to even better results.  Your lead will never be more interested in the information that you are going to provide to them then when they have just submitted their information to you.  Take advantage of this!  Call or text them immediately while their interest is hot.  If you wait a few hours to attempt to call them, or even until the next day, their interest will have certainly cooled off by then.  By making the initial contact attempt within 5 minutes of the lead coming in, you are stacking the odds in your favor, to give you the greatest chance of success with that lead.

If you Win 50% of your Listing Appointments you are Doing Great

Basic Assumption #2: The agent is going to practice proper follow-up with all their leads. If you contact your lead and she tells you that now is not a good time to talk, but she would like to speak to you next Saturday, we simply must call them next Saturday.  Most of your competitors will not follow-up as they should be and are only interested in working with right NOW people.  Most seller leads are not going to be right NOW leads.  That is just not realistic with seller leads.  We are working on our client’s time frame, not our own.  By regularly and consistently following up with your leads, you will end up working with many more of them in the long run.

Basic Assumption #3: The agent will perform well at their listing appointments. Every agent is going to have different skill sets.  Some agents will be exceptional on the phone, while others will have years of experience to have perfected their follow-up systems.  The elite listing agent will have mastered their listing presentation.  Because of this, every agent is going to perform differently when working with seller leads.  No two agents are the same.   I used to ask agents, “If I get you 10 listing appointments, how many listings are you going to walk out with?”.  To which the agents always answered either 8, 9, or 10.  That is not very realistic in my opinion.  Even the top agents, no matter what market they are in, never win 100% of the time.  I believe that a 50%-win rate is very achievable and should be your initial conversion goal.

Leads from Google Ads are Always of Excellent Quality

Because we are dealing with a high-quality traffic source such as Google Ads, the quality of the leads is always going to be the quality of the leads.  It doesn’t matter if the leads are from Seattle, WA, Miami, FL or Worcester, MA.  That quality will always be excellent.  The variable is never the traffic or lead quality, it is always the agents themselves and how they work these leads.

Make sure that you practice excellent speed to lead, perfect your follow-ups, and over time master your listing appointment presentations and you are well on your way to becoming a 5% agent.

Emma Ryan
Emma Ryan
SEO Marketing Specialist

Emma Ryan - Marketing Specialist at Apex Lead Source Emma Ryan is a dedicated marketing specialist at Apex Lead Source, bringing a wealth of expertise in generating leads and optimizing campaigns for real estate professionals across the USA and Canada. Known for her keen attention to detail and innovative approach, Emma excels in crafting targeted marketing strategies that deliver results. Outside of her professional life, Emma is passionate about giving back to the community. She spends her weekends volunteering with special needs children in the Southwest Florida area, where her compassion and commitment make a significant impact. In her free time, Emma loves to unwind by trying to catch the famous green flash at sunsets on Fort Myers Beach. Emma's blend of professional prowess and community involvement makes her an invaluable asset to the Apex Lead Source team.

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