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Let us help you dominate the cities in your area with organic Realtor SEO traffic from Google. This is the absolute highest quality, most motivated, ready to take action, traffic and leads that you can receive. We will take over (or advise) on all aspects of your marketing campaigns.

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SEO Real Estate is More than Keyword Research

Dominate local SEO keyword searches in your city on the Google map pack and organic results. We continuously use our SEO audit system to optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP) and website to ensure you appear at the very top of the search results.

90+ High-Quality Real Estate Backlinks Each Month
Complete Google Business Profile Setup, Optimization, & Management
10 New Pages Of SEO Content For Cities, Neighborhoods, Communities, Subdivisions & Schools Each With 1000+ Words of Original Content Every Month
10 New Blog Posts of 3000+ Words Each Of Local Unique Real Estate Content Each Month
Daily Social Media Posts To Facebook, Instagram, & Google Business Profile
Stack Fresh 5 Star Reviews Each Month
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Real Estate Search Engine Optimization

With Our Biweekly SEO Grid Rank Check Reports You Will Always Know Exactly Where Your Site Ranks - At Every Single Point On The Map In Your City.

Watch Your Rankings Change Fast With Our BiWeekly SEO Grid Rank Reports
Track Rankings For Each Unique Area of a City, Neighborhood, or Subdivision
Track SoLV (Share of Local Voice) Which Tracks How Often A Real Estate Agent Appears In The Top 3 of The Google Map Pack
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Did You Know That 70% of Local Clicks Come From The Google Map Pack? Phone Calls & Leads From Local Map Pack Searches Are Highly Motivated, High Intent Leads, Ready To Take Action.

Quick Results - First Rankings Within Weeks
Highly Motivated, High Intent Local SEO Leads Looking For A Realtor
The Most Elite Traffic & Leads On Earth - Directly From Google To Your Phone
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SEO For Real Estate Agents

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Real Estate SEO FAQ

Questions? Learn more about everything from real estate keyword research to what an SEO audit is.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the process of improving a website’s visibility on search engines through keyword research and optimizing content. An effective SEO strategy involves creating high-quality content, building backlinks, and ensuring the website is technically sound. At Apex Lead Source, we offer comprehensive SEO services to real estate agents to boost their online presence and attract more leads.


Our real estate search engine optimization service is $2500 per month.


Because of their INTENT!  Common search terms that show the Google Local Pack are “realtor near me”, “city real estate agent”, “city realtor”, etc.  When someone is searching for a Realtor in your local area and they click on your ad, more times than not that is going to be VERY good news for you.  There are only so many reasons people would search directly for a Realtor, and the vast majority of those reasons are going to be good news.


If we have availability in your area, you will be the only client that we work with in that particular area.  We will not work with any other SEO clients in your area, our loyalty will be to you and you alone.  Unfortunately, if we are already working with another real estate client in your market we will not be able to work together at this time.

Yes, 100%.  In effect we become your new marketing director and marketing coach.  We advise you on all aspects of your online and offline real estate marketing, to ensure there is maximum synergy occurring between all marketing channels.  Our team has over 20 years of experience running real estate marketing campaigns across various channels.  We become your trusted advisor who have decades of experience while generating tens of millions of real estate leads.

Absolutely not! We do not have any contracts or charge any sort of setup fees.  Real estate agents should never sign any sort of marketing contract.  In our experience, if you are profitable each month you will be happy to keep paying us.

We should see our first ranking increases in your local market in the first few weeks, while seeing significant ranking progress across your areas in the first 3-4 months.  Peak optimization and results will take 6-9 months on average.

Each month we provide the following as part of our real estate seo optimization service:  90+ high-quality Realtor backlinks, Google Business Profile setup, optimization, and management, 10 New Pages of Original Content with 1000+ Words Each For Cities, Neighborhoods, Subdivisions, 10 New Blog Posts of 3000+ Words Each of Unique Local Content, Daily Social Media Posts Across All Platforms, Full Onsite & Technical SEO Audits and Fixes For All Pages, and Easily Stack Fresh 5 Star Reviews.

These are the highest quality real estate leads that you can generate for your business.  They have no equal.  The quality of these leads from organic real estate SEO far outweighs those from PPC, Zillow, or Realtor.com.  Because of this, they are extremely competitive and in high demand.  It will take a real estate SEO professional with years of experience to achieve top organic rankings.

Real Estate SEO is for experienced, high-achieving Realtors ready to take the next step toward market domination.  This is a VIP service, where we provide exceptional white-glove concierge service for our SEO and real estate clients.

Yes, we do.  Proper keyword research is essential for an SEO campaign.  Without knowing the top keywords, with the best search volume, we will not know what to optimize for.  SEO is all about keywords, and keyword research is paramount to any new campaign.

For this to work properly, we need to be heavily involved in all aspects of the marketing end of your business.  To accomplish this we set a once a week meeting on a specific day and time to discuss your SEO campaigns progress.  If you need to speak for any reason, you can setup a same day phone call at any time.  Whatever you need, we are here to support you.

Each month we are building 75 citation links (great for NAP!), 2 high DR guest blog posts, and 12 high DR niche editorial links.  All of our links are high-quality, do-follow links.  Additionally, we employ a heavy deep linking strategy.  This means, that most of the links we build will NOT be pointing to the homepage of your website.  Instead of just trying to get one page ranked (your homepage) we are going to try and get hundreds of different pages ranked.

Yes, always.  Black hat SEO only provides short-term results that will get your website penalized or suspended by Google.  To ensure long-term rankings and stability, we only employ white hat SEO tactics (such as content optimization) while following Google’s rules exactly.

Reviews are incredibly important!  The more 5 star reviews that we can stack on Google, the higher your organic rankings will rise, and the more trust you will gain from your potential clients.  During our meetings, you will notice we are constantly going over strategies with you for generating consistent 5 Star Reviews each month.  Generating a consistent number of reviews each week is our goal and a critical component for our long term real estate seo optimization success.

Yes, we will advise you on everything related to online and offline real estate marketing.  Need a new IDX website and are not sure which provider to go with?  Do you need a new landing page setup for ads for a new listing?  What about a custom automation to order lockboxes, signs, photos, etc every time you get a new listing?  Is your website broken and no one can fix it?  Do you need to setup a Google Workspace email on a custom domain?  We have you covered for all of these questions, and thousands more.  Our team has literal decades of experience with all aspects of real estate marketing.

Yes, if you do not already have a Google Business Profile we will help setup and claim your profile for you.

Yes, we take care of fully optimizing your Google Business Profile.  This includes optimizing your name, categories, hours, business description, questions & answers, products,  and providing 10 business update posts per month.  We will ensure that your Google profile is perfectly fine-tuned and ready to rank in the map pack.

Yes, this is an extremely important component of an effective local real estate SEO campaign.  Each month we will create 10 new pages on your website for different cities, towns, neighborhoods, communities, subdivisions or schools and write 1500+ words of content for each page.  If we focus on providing consistent useful content to your website visitors each month, Google will reward us with higher rankings for various different keywords we optimize for.

We include 10 pages per month with our SEO for real estate agents package, however, if you are looking to make a big splash with new content all at once we can easily accommodate this.  Let’s chat.

Understanding SEO importance is crucial for any business looking to increase its online visibility because it directly affects how easily potential customers can find you through search engines like Google. SEO for Realtors involves optimizing your website’s content and structure to rank higher in search engine results. This not only drives more organic traffic to your site but also enhances your credibility and authority in your industry. At Apex Lead Source, we emphasize the importance of SEO in all our digital marketing strategies to ensure our clients achieve sustainable growth and attract the right audience to their services.  The better and more optimized your SEO, the more money you will make each month.

Yes, it is huge!  Along with the monthly content pages for cities and communities, we will be adding to your website, we also have the opportunity to write about local events, landmarks, restaurants, sports teams, locals tips & tricks, etc with posts on your blog.  The key to an effective blog post is to write about things that the readers in your local market will find interesting.  Each blog post will be at least 3000-3500 words along with several images.  We then place internal links from your blog posts to other pages on your website for onsite SEO purposes.  Search engines LOVE this type of content.

Every single day!  This is an easy win, and one we gladly take advantage of.  We will post short content and images (links to blog posts, your listings, open houses, visits to local neighborhoods, properties sold, etc) to various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Linkedin, 
Tiktok, and X (Twitter).

Yes, your onsite SEO will be perfect when we are done with it.  We will perform onsite SEO for every existing and new page created on your website.  We will correct all technical SEO errors on your website that we have the ability to fix.  If we are not able to fix technical SEO errors on your website, we will submit a ticket to your website provider and handle the fixes directly with them, while cc’ing you on all correspondence.

We can use Realtor search engine optimization for as many areas in your local market as you like.  We define a local market as a television market.  If the area is included in your local television market, we can target it.  Over time, we want to achieve top rankings for every square inch of your local market, for all of the top traffic-generating keywords.

Yes, you will receive ranking reports biweekly (twice per month).  Our local rank tracker evaluates various points at different distances from your address in your Google Business Profile. It then shows Google Business Profile rankings for listings that appear either in the Maps section of organic search results or from a search in Google Maps Local Finder. Our real estate SEO service also monitors local search rankings for Apple Business Connect listings on Apple Maps.

SoLV, or “Share of Local Voice,” measures how frequently a business appears in the top three positions on a specific map grid. This metric is crucial for gauging the potential for improvement in local keyword rankings.

Over the last two decades, we have achieved top rankings in dozens of markets in the USA & Canada.  Some examples are Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Chicago, Naples, Nashville, Minneapolis, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, & Vancouver.  The largest markets in North America are extremely competitive and can take a little longer to achieve top results.  Medium to smaller size markets can achieve top results in a much shorter time.

Yes, if you would like an idea of how far away your website is from ranking in the organic results, keyword research ideas, or if you would like to discuss competition in a particular market, please schedule a free one-on-one consultation.

Absolutely, simply schedule a time on our calendar for a convenient time and we will discuss an SEO strategy for your business..

They will be furious with your new SEO strategy when you take their rankings.

Yes, we do. We provide comprehensive SEO services for all types of real estate websites. Let’s discuss how we can tailor our SEO strategy to your specific needs during an SEO strategy call.  We can also assist you in choosing a provider of real estate websites.