Finding Motivated Buyer and Seller Leads is Hard Work

Finding Motivated Buyer and Seller Leads is Hard Work

I get it, you work hard for your money and you want to see a return on your investment ASAP. Unless you start thinking of your lead generation efforts as an actual investment though, a 3-18-month investment, this is not going to work for you. With that time frame as your mindset, the odds are that you simply will not be successful. Is that to say that none of your leads will be “right now I want to buy a home immediately” or “come to my house and list my home this weekend”?

Of course not, that happens all of the time with our real estate leads. Can you be 100% certain that is always going to be the case though? No way. Life, and internet Realtor lead generation, do not work like that. While nice when we receive them, these immediate time frame leads are much too random to rely upon to build a successful long term business.

“Finding Motivated Buyer and Seller Leads is Hard Work.”

This is the reality of internet real estate lead generation: working with an online buyer or seller lead is HARD WORK. You have to pick up the phone and call. Your leads may not answer the phone on the first call, or even after 10 attempts of calling or texting them. Just because they filled out a buyer registration form or a home valuation, today doesn’t mean that they are ready right this minute to buy or sell. They may be 3 months away, 6 months away, 12 months away. It’s more than possible that they are just STARTING to think about buying or selling. However, the idea to buy or sell a home most certainly had to start at someplace in time. I would say that it’s FANTASTIC for you and your business that they are starting this process on your website so that YOU can guide them and be their trusted source right at the beginning.

For the vast majority of people, buying a home is the largest investment they will ever make in their lives while selling their home can be the most stressful. It’s not unrealistic at all to think that they will take their time, think carefully, and weigh all of their options before deciding to act. You need to wait until they are READY, WILLING, and ABLE. They need to be all three. We are expecting them to be ready on OUR time frame, not theirs. Because of this, most agents need to change their thinking. If they do not, they are setting themselves up for disappointment and failure.

“Speed to Lead and Proper Realtor Follow Up is Critical for a Successful Marketing Campaign.”

Most agents simply give up and say online leads are junk because they don’t want to put in the time and effort to properly work and nurture these leads. The ones that do though are HIGHLY successful.

“How are you going to be successful working with online buyer and seller leads?”

There really isn’t any magic formula or secret sauce. It’s through hard work and perseverance. You have to get up every single day and keep doing the same exact thing that you did the day before. You pick up the phone, and you call. You text. You send emails. You send BombBomb videos. Then you do it again the next day. If a lead says to call back in 3 months, you call back sooner and check in on them. If you do this, you WILL be successful. It works because there are too many agents absolutely killing it and making a TON of money by using this simple formula. You spent YOUR hard-earned money to generate the leads, and those leads are worth money. Lots of money! If you put in the time and effort and treat your leads as an investment, you will win. Now it’s up to you to decide – what type of agent are you going to be? Do you think it’s worth it to invest your time and energy for long term success? Or do you want and need instant gratification? Only you know, and only you can make that business decision. I know what your competitors are hoping you will do!

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