All Landing Pages are Not Built Equally

All Landing Pages are Not Built Equally

The Real Estate Landing Page is of Critical Importance

The landing page (website) that we send our traffic from Google Ads to is a CRITICAL component of our marketing campaign.

Most agents make the following mistake:  they believe that they just need to setup a Facebook or Google Ads campaign, and then point the ads from that campaign to literally ANY landing page that they find, and BOOM they are going to be a successful listing agent.

There is just a tiny little bit more to it than that!

Your Real Estate Landing Page has Only One Job – To Generate Leads

For starters, what is reality is that the landing page we choose to send our traffic to plays a huge role in how successful our real estate marketing campaign will be.  The landing page is not supposed to be a stitched-together version of Frankenstein’s monster with various pieces haphazardly thrown together.  In fact, that is the exact opposite of what a good landing page is supposed to be.

A successful landing page has one simple job:  To convert!

That is it. That is its sole purpose in life.  To generate leads.

To accomplish this, a good landing page is meticulously designed, tested, and optimized.

For our Apex Seller Lead landing pages, we put years of testing and optimization into continuously updating our design.

Pay Special Attention to the Wallpaper Images you are Using

What years of testing has told us is that the following are of greatest importance for a successful landing page design:

Successful Landing Page Design Tip #1:  The wallpaper images which we are using in the background of our landing page. Ever notice how most seller lead landing pages have just one static image in the background? That is a huge mistake.  How can one static image encompass every home in your area?  It cannot and it will not.  That is why we use a minimum of 6 HD images of homes in your  For every landing page that we setup, we spend the extra time to search out and find actual images of your homes in your market to use as your wallpaper images.  These images will then rotate in the background every 6 seconds.  We want our images to express familiarity, where your visitors know they are looking at images of homes that are in their market.  It would not make much sense to be targeting the Seattle area with pictures of homes with palm trees.  Just like it would not make much sense to show snowcapped mountains in the background of homes targeting sellers in Miami.

Your Landing Page Design Needs to be Continuously Tested

Successful Landing Page Design Tip #2: The exact verbiage we use throughout the landing page. Not all words are created equally.  The words that we use as our calls to action matter – greatly.  We need to choose them with care, and continuously test various combinations of words to see what is working best in your market.  Landing page verbiage that is working great in Beverly Hills, California may end up performing terribly in Charleston, South Carolina.  We need to continuously test different word combinations to see which give us the best results.

Successful Landing Page Design Tip #3:  The design layout of the landing page. What is the best placement of the background images to generate the greatest number of leads?  How many images perform best?  What is the optimal amount of time for the images to rotate amongst themselves?  Where is the perfect placement location for the address entry box on step 1 of the landing page?  The answers to these questions come from years of testing and optimizing our designs.  What worked in 2019 might not necessarily still work in 2021.  Because of this, we never stop testing different layouts and designs of our landing pages.

When choosing a landing page to use for seller lead generation with Google Ads, be patient and exercise caution.  Do not waste your time and money on unproven landing page designs.  Choose a proven design or put in the time and effort to intelligently design, test, and optimize your own landing pages.  The time will be well spent and will ultimately save you a lot of money in avoiding wasted opportunities.

Jamie Grand
Jamie Grand
Real Estate SEO Lead

Jamie Grand - Real Estate SEO Expert With over 20 years of experience in real estate SEO, Jamie Grand has been mastering the art of search engine optimization since the days when Infoseek, Webcrawler, and Yahoo were the leading search engines. Jamie's deep understanding of SEO's evolution allows him to expertly navigate the complexities of today's digital landscape. Jamie is passionate about staying ahead of the curve, constantly studying the latest SEO tactics and testing new theories to benefit clients. His innovative approach ensures that clients receive cutting-edge strategies tailored to their unique needs. When he's not immersed in the world of SEO, Jamie enjoys reading and spending quality time with his three beloved boxers—Cassius, Tyson, and Sugar. Together, they love exploring the natural beauty of the Florida Everglades, making the most of their outdoor adventures.

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