Stop the Contract Insanity!

Stop the Contract Insanity!

Confident Marketing Companies Do Not Make you Sign a Contract

You should never sign a contract with any marketing company.

Now, I am quite sure that the marketing company will have no problem whatsoever rattling off quite a few compelling reasons why it is in your best interest to sign that contract.  The problem for you is, it is in the marketing companies’ best interest to contractually lock you into their services for an extended period, not yours.

Any company can promise you anything, however any company that tries to get you to sign any sort of contract is simply not confident in the quality of their leads. They are trying to lock in long-term income for themselves, no matter how their marketing campaigns perform. If you want to cancel their service, it is not uncommon for companies to charge a $500 fee for letting you out of the remaining time on your contract.  That is ridiculous.

Our Performance Will Determine if you Keep Paying us each Month. Not a Contract.

I am confident enough in the quality of our leads that I know that if you are successful, have a good ROI, and are profitable you will be happy to keep paying us each month.  We certainly do not need to contractually obligate you to keep paying us each month.  We are not going to have to chase you down each month to pay us.  If you are making money from our marketing efforts, we will most likely be the first bill you pay each month.  Why wouldn’t we be?

The pressure should be on your marketing company to perform each month.  That is the way it should be in my opinion.

Basically, we are putting our money where our mouth is. By not having a contract, we are working without a safety net. To ensure that you are happy, and that we keep getting paid, we need to perform and perform quickly. We are highly motivated to keep getting paid each month. That will only happen with results and profitability.

Getting Listings Require High-Quality Leads

For most real estate agents, the bottom line for them is going to be the quality of the leads they are working with. If you get junky traffic, from a junk source (such as Facebook!) you will get junk leads. Just because you are getting “leads” does not mean you are getting deals. For every 100 leads we provide you with, you should be able to get at least 2-3 deals from it. That is realistic if you are working seller leads the right way:  by practicing excellent speed to lead, consistently following up with all your leads, and hopefully walking out of 50% of your listing appointments with a signed listing contract.

To be able to generate 2-3 deals per 100 leads from Google Ads, you are going to need good high-quality leads to speak with.  Leads that took action and typed in very specific keyword searches for buying or selling a home.  The type of leads that will voluntarily provide us with their full name, property address, email address, and phone number.  If they do not willingly provide us with their phone number, they are not a real lead and should not be counted.  If they will not give us their phone number, they are telling us something:  That they are either not ready, willing, or able.

Are your Seller Leads Ready, Willing, and Able?

When a ready, willing, and able lead voluntarily provides us with their phone number they will be expecting a phone call.  The goal is not to generate you a gazillion leads, anyone can do that with some quick Facebook Ads.  That does not take much talent.  What is much more difficult is to generate leads where they searched you out and are looking to talk to you to gather more information on buying or selling a home.

By working with leads that are more interested and friendly, you will be able to have a lot more conversations where you will be able to find out the intent, and time frame, of your leads.  More leads will lead to more opportunities, which will ensure more conversations are had.  The more conversations you have, the more listing appointments you will go on, and the more listings you will take.

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