What is a 5% Rock Star Real Estate Agent?

What is a 5% Rock Star Real Estate Agent?


What Type of Realtor are you? Be Honest!

From almost 15 years of experience specifically working with Internet real estate leads, I can tell you that there are 3 different types of agents:

  • The 1% Real Estate Agent
  • The 2-3% Real Estate Agent
  • The 5% Rockstar Realtor

Let’s dig a little deeper into each of the three types of real estate agents.

1) The 1% Agent – this is the “average” agent who is going to turn 1% of their internet leads into actual commission checks whether they be with buyers or sellers. The 1% agent typically only puts forth an “average” amount of work and prefers to work with RIGHT NOW buyers or sellers. The 1% agent might make a few initial phone calls, and then stop calling whether they do or do not make contact with the lead. If they do happen to get the lead on the phone, they typically are only interested in the lead is ready to buy or sell RIGHT NOW. If they are 6 to 24 months out, they promise to call back and follow-up but very rarely do. The 1% agent typically does not have any sort of plan for making initial contact with their leads, and very rarely has a follow-up system in place, either by phone or drip email campaigns.

2) The 2 – 3% Agent – this is your higher-end agent who is going to turn 2-3% of their internet leads into actual commission checks whether they be with buyers or sellers. The 2-3% agent puts forth a MUCH greater amount of thought, and work, into working their leads. This type of agent has a VERY specific plan on initial contact, and follow-up, when working their leads. This agent does not mind in the least working with leads that are 6 to 24 months out and see it as an opportunity to fill up their pipeline for the next 2 years. Their thinking is, of course, I want to sell a home or take a new listing 6 months from now, so why not cement the relationship right now?

3) The 5% (or higher) Agent – I call these super high-end agents the ROCKSTARS of Internet real estate. I’ve personally worked with many of these types of agents. Sometimes they are team leaders, however, just as often they are members of a large or small team, or even work independently. It really doesn’t matter because ANYONE can be a 5% Rock Star agent. These 5% agents tirelessly call their leads and have a very specific plan in place for initial contact. Most 5% agents call their leads within minutes of receiving the lead and call twice per day, Monday through Friday, for 2 weeks, while leaving one voicemail per day.

These agents also have very specific drip email campaigns set up for various different scenarios such as bad phone number campaigns, talked on the phone but 6 months out, talked on the phone but 12 months out, talked on the phone but 18 months out, talked on the phone but 24 months out, called twice every day for a week but no contact made, called twice every day for two weeks but no contact made, talked on the phone but not sure what their plans are, etc. These agents provide a superior level of service. The absolute one COMMON trait I see with all of these 5% agents is that they are animals on the phone. They don’t give up. They keep calling. They aren’t afraid of rejection on the phone, and even welcome it because in their mind a lead telling them to stop calling and that they aren’t interested in buying or selling is VALUABLE information for them. Think about it – if a lead tells you they aren’t interested you aren’t using your valuable time to keep trying to make contact with someone who has no intention of ever working with you. You then focus on working the leads in your pipeline that you do have a chance of working with.

Real Estate Marketing

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a 1% Internet Real Estate agent. The vast majority of agents are in fact 1% agents and can make a very good living. However, they are putting a lot of money in their competitor’s pockets by not working their leads properly and thinking LONG TERM.

So how do you make the jump from a 1% agent to a 2-3% agent, or even a 5% agent?

Get systems in place for working your leads – and follow them religiously.

Call, Call, and then Call some more! Try and call your lead within MINUTES of getting the lead. Keep calling twice a day, for two weeks leaving one voicemail per day. PRO TIP – text your leads! You’ll be amazed at the response you get.

Real Estate Drip Email Campaigns

Make sure to use various drip email campaigns. Set up different campaigns for different selling time frames and situations.

Think Long Term! Don’t neglect sellers who say their time frame is more “long term” – between 6 and 24 months. If you do you will be neglecting and throwing away the vast majority of your potential listings!

Send every single one of your leads a personalized 30-second introduction of who you are and how you can help them! Take advantage of technology that sets you apart from other agents. BombBomb is an amazing tool at an affordable price – use it! You can easily create a quick personalized video right from your cell phone. It doesn’t have to be fancy – in fact the more “real” the video looks, the better!

What type of agent are you? Do you have the will and determination to make the jump from 1% to 5% real estate agent?

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