Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads

The Answer? It’s all about INTENT.

Let me explain why I like Google Ads much better than Facebook Ads.

Google Ads is all about the person’s INTENT.

With Facebook advertising, we are limited by how much control we have over who we are targeting. We can target a person’s geographic area, along with the age of the person viewing your ads. Basically, you are blasting your ad to a certain geographic area and hoping that our ad interests them. People who see your ad in their news-feeds might own a home, or they might not.

Think of it this way. Imagine an Arby’s commercial on TV, I’m sure you have seen their advertising campaign “We have the meats!”. Facebook advertising is very similar to this same strategy. They are showing their TV commercials to as many people as possible, even though many people viewing the commercial might be vegetarians or might not like roast beef sandwiches. Facebook advertising is very similar to this same strategy. Facebook ads are relying on showing the ad to as many possible people as possible, and hoping that the ad sparks their interest. They weren’t actively searching for what you were offering.

Google Ads are Higher Intent Leads than Facebook Ads for Realtors

With Google, it’s COMPLETELY different. These are people that are actively searching for what you are offering. Their intent is to find the value of their home or to sell their home. This is apparent because of the keywords that they are typing into Google to perform a search. Example searches on Google that a person would type in would be “What’s my home worth?”, “Selling my home”, or “How much can my home sell for”. These potential leads have a very specific question in mind that they are ACTIVELY trying to find the answer to. This is a much higher intent lead.

I’m not saying that Facebook ads are bad, far from it. You can get a lot of leads for fairly cheap, however, their intent is nowhere near as great as it is with Google Ads. With Google Ads the leads might cost a little bit more, however, in the long run, I believe they are much greater value.

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