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Apex Lead Source FAQ

Have a quick question? Here are some of our most frequenty asked.

Please view our pricing page HERE for pricing on all of our packages.

Yes, daily Google Ads management is included free of charge with all APX One AI packages.

Yes!  We have mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

It certainly is!  Use ChatGPT to create content, emails, images, and more!  We can also configure your AI’s to use ChatGPT-4 (latest model) to respond to all of your inbound chats, text messages, Facebook Messenger chats, Instagram DM’s, Google My Business chats, Linkedin DM’s, Tiktok DM’s, and Twitter DM’s.

We will onboard you and set up your new account the same day that you create your account with us. Marketing and lead generation will begin within 48 hours of onboarding/setup.

We manage your Google Ads campaigns daily.  Most of our competitors treat your account as a “set it and forget it” account, and you most definitely do not want to be one of those!  All Google Ads fees are paid directly to Google by you and are not an upfront cost.

You are paying for your Google Ads budget, so you certainly deserve the transparency of being able to view your stats from your Google Ads campaigns in real-time 24/7/365 directly inside of our APX One AI reports tool.

The number of leads that you receive from PPC marketing will be determined by your Google Ads budget.  Most agents start with a Google Ads PPC budget of $300 – $500 per month.  Google is not an upfront cost, and they will charge your card directly each month.

Absolutely NOT.  Unlike our competitors, we never share leads among agents.  Any leads generated through your account are yours, and yours alone, forever.

Included with all packages are landing pages for:  seller leads, buyer leads, mortgage / lender leads, and recruitment leads.

Of course!  Please feel free to test our demo located here:  https://www.apxonedemo.ai/

Yes!  We provide a simple code that you can place on any page of your website, where your traffic can enter our lead funnel directly from your main website.

You can view videos of different features of the APX One AI system here:  https://www.youtube.com/@apexleadsourceai

The only thing you have to do is answer your phone, respond to your text messages, and respond to your emails.  That’s it!  Everything else is setup for you right from day one.

No, absolutely not! We know that is what you are used to with our competitor’s systems, however we have written and scheduled the first 365 days of Text and Email follow-up for you.

Yes, we certainly do.  The live chat widget is included with all of our packages at no extra charge.  Away from your office and not able to use our live chat widget?  Simply turn on our live SMS chat instead and start having conversations from your website with SMS text messaging.

Yes!  Say goodbye to paying for Calendly and every other appointment scheduling software that you have to pay a separate monthly fee for.  Create as many calendars for you and your team as you like – included with all packages at no extra charge.

You bet! Automatically drop prerecorded voicemails to all of your leads that do not answer the phone.

Absolutely.  All of our packages include a QR code linking to your landing page.  Our QR codes will use colors to match your brand, along with placing your logo in the middle of the code.  Say goodbye to boring black-and-white QR code graphics, and watch your scans skyrocket!

Why should you choose Apex Lead Source?

With our advanced AI CRM powering your lead managemnt and over 20 years experince in marketing we make the decison easy for you.

Watfch your ROI grow
Grow Your Pipeline
With advanced automations that make connecting to and following up with your leads easy sit back and watch your lead pipeline grow.
Pick you number of seats
Our Unbeatable Pricing
All of our packages offer every feature availabile in our CRM as well as professional ad managment. Did we mention no setup fees or contracts?
Available 24/7
World-Class Customer Support
Our customer support team is here to make sure you are successful. We offer Zoom, Live Chat, Telephone and SMS support channels.
No Contracts
Our all-in-one services at a fraction of the cost.
When considering the separate expenses for services like telephone systems, power dialers, SMS platforms, email marketing tools, voicemail drop services, advertising campaign analytics, automated social media posting tools, automated feedback request systems, and live website chat services, it's clear that buying them individually can lead to significant costs.
Free Professional Google Ad Management Marketing for Many Industries AI Automations for Lead Follow Up Real Time Stats for Advertising Performance

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