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365 Days of Predictive Sellers & Buyers Call, Email, & Text Drips
Seller Lead Landing Pages With 535 Owner Data Points
Real Estate Agent AI - "Magic" Calls, Chat, Text, Email, VM
Realtor Social Media Posts Automated For Next 365 Days
Stack 5 Star Reviews - Automate Your Real Estate Reviews
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Daily Phone Calls & Appointments

Our Real Estate ISAs Book Appointments On Your Calendar

Florida Based Real Estate ISA Professionals
Buyer - Seller - Google - Facebook - Expired - FSBO
Circle Prospecting - Investor - Probate - We Call Them All
Call Notes & Dispositions (Outcomes) Placed into your CRM
ISA Calls Made From Your Local Area Code

If you want to be a top real estate agent in your market in 2024, always call new leads within 5 minutes or less. If you do not, one of your competitors will. The first agent to speak to a lead wins the business more than 85% of the time. Every time you talk to a new lead within 90 seconds your chance for success increases by 300%.  That is statistically significant.  The phone is one of the best lead gen tools in your arsenal - use it!

2024 Seller Leads

Real Estate Seller Leads Google Ads PPC

Google Ad Management is Included for Seller Leads & Buyer Leads.

Full Account Setup Including All Keyword Research and Ad Creation.
Our Real Estate PPC Campaigns Are Designed To Attract Motivated Homeowners Who Are Interested In Selling.
Your Google Ads Campaigns are Professionally Managed Daily By Our In-house Team of Certified Google Partners.

If you are an agent in any market in the USA or Canada, do not waste your money on Facebook Ads generating leads for quality home sellers. Instead, focus your marketing efforts on Google Ads PPC which generates highly motivated seller leads, who are ready, willing, and able.

#1 Google Rankings in 2024

Real Estate SEO

Dominate local real estate SEO keyword rankings in your city on Google’s map pack and organic listings and put your real estate lead generation efforts into overdrive. We consistently fine-tune your Google Business Profile (GBP) and website to ensure you stay at the very top of the Google search results.

90+ High-Quality Real Estate Backlinks Added Monthly
Comprehensive Setup, Optimization, & Management of Google Business Profile
10 New Pages Monthly, Each with 1000+ Words of Original Content Covering Cities, Neighborhoods, Communities, Subdivisions & Schools
10 New Blog Posts Monthly, Each with 3000+ Words of Unique Local Content
Daily Social Media Updates on Facebook, Instagram, & Google Business Profile
Stack Fresh 5 Star Real Estate Reviews Each Month

Consistent follow-up is the main weakness of the average real estate agent.  Our AI's uses tools that will hold you accountable and FORCE you to follow up with every lead in your lead database consistently, by phone, text, email, and voicemail drops.

Real Estate Leads Drip Campaigns

365 Days of Pre-Written Email and Text Message Realtor Drip Campaigns

Only Apex Lead Source provides real estate agents 365 days of prewritten drip campaigns for all of your, real estate lead generation needs including both real estate seller leads and buyer leads, out of the box. You just need to answer your phone.

365 Days of Both Real Estate Sellers & Buyer Lead Email Drip Campaigns Written and Scheduled.
365 Days of Both Real Estate Sellers & Buyer Lead Text Message Drip Campaigns Written and Scheduled.
365 Days of Phone Calls Scheduled With Rotating Times of Day for Follow-up Calls.

To truly dominate your market, your business will eventually need professional real estate SEO services. Local organic SEO traffic & lead generation are of the highest quality, therefore, they are extremely competitive and sought after.  This program is for the experienced real estate agent looking to dominate local SEO in their market in 2024 and beyond.

Automate Your Home Sellers Follow-Up

Phone, Chat, Text, Email, & VM AI's For Listings

AI Calls Every New Sellers & Buyers Lead Within Seconds
Make & Receive Phone Calls
Send / Receive Text Messages
Automatic Call Recording & Call History
Ringless Voicemail Drops
Landing Page SMS Live Chat Widget
Built In Multi-Line Power Dialer

Use this data to your advantage with every new lead for potential sellers by reviewing homeowner data such as owner equity & mortgage details before the AI calls you to connect with the lead.  Take control of your calls by leveraging this knowledge to ask questions and lead the conversation in the direction you want, and watch your lead generation conversion rate skyrocket.

Every Seller Lead Landing Page Includes Up To 535 Homeowner Data Points:

Monthly Property Value Updates
Verified Owner Data
Owner Mortgage Data
Property Last Sale
Property MLS History
Property Mortgage History
Property Zoned School Data
Property Tax Data
Property Neighborhood Data

Our Qualified Seller Lead Landing Pages Collect the Following Homeowner Data:
Full Name - Address - Email - Phone Number The Homeowner Receives an Instant Valuation & is Automatically Sent Monthly Property Value Updates.
We Have the Most Home Seller Leads Homeowner Data on the Market!


An effective real estate lead generation landing page for predicted sellers MUST be customized to your local market. For example, snow-capped mountains in the background of a home on your landing page will not make much sense if you are an agent in the Miami market. Rotate through 6-10 high-resolution local images of homes in your area and watch your conversion rate skyrocket.

Stack 5 Star Reviews With Home Sellers Leads

Automate Your Customers Real Estate Reviews with AI

Enhance your Online Reputation With 5 Star Reviews
Google 5 Star Review Management Automation
Facebook 5 Star Review Management Automation
AI Suggestion (Manual) or Auto-Pilot Mode
Website / Landing Page 5 Star Review Widget
Reputation Management Dashboard
AI Response or Dispute on every Review

Too many real estate agents ignore building consistent reviews each month, and it's a MASSIVE mistake. This is something every agent, in every zip code, should be doing right now that can dramatically increase their lead volume.  The number and quality of your reviews play a huge role in how well your site ranks in the local SEO results.  Ask every client you have gone through a real estate closing with for a 5-star review every 30 - 60 days by email and text.

Your Social Media Posts - Automated Posting

Automated Real Estate Agents Social Media Posts - 24/7/365

Schedule Recurring Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly Posts
Works Across All Social Media Platforms
Social Planner - Schedule Recurring Social Posts
Track, Manage & Monitor All Scheduled Posts
Generate Content and Images with ChatGPT-4
Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, GMB, Linkedin, & more

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Realtor Marketing FAQ

Our fee is $399 per month. Please view the Apex Lead Source pricing page for pricing on all of our additional services.

Ready to swim with the big fish?  Please read more about our real estate SEO services.

We always use Google as our high conversion traffic source for lead generation, to attract sellers interested in listing their home.  Real estate agent seller leads that come from Facebook Ads are typically very poor quality, and rarely have a phone number.  If they do have a phone number, they will typically deny ever having been on your website or knowing what you are talking about, when you call them on the phone.  Sound familiar?  Traffic and leads from Google Ads PPC is much different.  Google is sending visitors to your landing pages who have searched for very specific keywords related to selling a home in your local area.  Because of this, visitors from Google are usually higher quality motivated seller leads who are ready, willing, and able.  Listing leads from Google can be highly profitable for your business.

Yes, daily Google Ads management is included free of charge with all APX One AI packages for both listing leads and buyer leads.


Yes!  We have mobile apps for both iOS and Android.

That’s right! Your AI will call your new leads within 90 seconds and connect you with them once they answer the phone. We call this our “Magic Call” Feature, and it is one of the most powerful tools an agent can use to turn customers into clients.

Absolutely not! Your leads will have no idea your AI’s are calling them.  Your new AI will speak only to you, through what is called a “Real Estate Agent Whisper Message”.  Your leads will only hear your voice, and will have no idea you used AI technology to call them on the phone.  Every time you get a new lead, your new personal AI sends a text to alert you that you have a new seller lead, and that it will be calling you in the next 90 seconds to connect with that lead.  Like clockwork, 90 seconds later your phone will ring and the AI will speak to you (and only you!) to let you know it’s time to call a new seller lead.  The AI then lets you know that if you are ready to try and call the new lead to press any key on your keypad of your phone.  When ready, press any key and your AI will call your new seller lead.  If they do not answer the phone, your AI will automatically drop a pre-recorded voicemail in your voice into the leads voicemail.  There is no need to schedule another call – the AI’s will automatically schedule all follow-up calls for you on an aggressive (not over the top obnoxious) schedule.

This is a phone job.  We are going to need to be somewhat aggressive.  If you are not, your competitors will be and will win the listing.  We want to be aggressive, yet never obnoxious.  We can be most aggressive in calling our new predictive sellers on the phone in the first week. For example, during the first week, we have scheduled 5 phone call follow-ups for you, with no more than one attempt per day.  After the first week, we scale down the number of calls being attempted each week.  Once the lead is more than 30 days old we are scheduling no more than 1-2 phone call attempts per month.  They are going to know you are trying to call them, without crossing the line and causing them to block your phone number.

No, absolutely not! We know that is what you are used to with our competitor’s systems, however we have written and scheduled the first 365 days of Text and Email follow-up for you with our drip campaigns.  There is no setup required on your part – we handle everything for you.

It certainly is!  Use ChatGPT to create content, emails, images, and more!  We can also configure your AI’s to use ChatGPT-4o (latest model) to respond to all of your inbound chats, text messages, Facebook Messenger chats, Instagram DM’s, Google My Business chats, Linkedin DM’s, Tiktok DM’s, and Twitter DM’s.


We will onboard you and set up your new account the same day that you create your account with us. Marketing and lead generation will begin within 48 hours of onboarding/setup.

We manage your Google Ads campaigns daily.  Most of our competitors treat your account as a “set it and forget it” account, and you most definitely do not want to be one of those!  All Google Ads fees are paid directly to Google by you and are not an upfront cost.
Yes, Google Ads PPC is the traffic source we use, and Google charges for every visitor that clicks on your ad.  Most agents are going to start with a monthly Google budget of $400 – $500.  It’s common for more experienced agents to have monthly budgets of $1000 – $1500.

You are paying for your Google Ads budget, so you certainly deserve the transparency of being able to view your stats from your Google Ads campaigns in real-time 24/7/365 directly inside of our APX One AI reports tool.

Where the traffic and leads come from is a critical component for the ultimate success of a listing leads campaign.  For example seller leads from Facebook are terrible quality.  They did not go onto Facebook with the intention of finding a Realtor to help them sell their home. The only reason they visited your site is because they were scrolling through their newsfeed, saw your ad, were curious, and clicked.  Traffic and leads from Facebook are curiosity clickers, and most listings leads from Facebook do not own a home.  Traffic and listing leads coming from Google are much different from Facebook.  These are highly motivated seller leads because they took action by going to Google and performing very specific keyword searches such as “sell my Las Vegas home”, “Miami Listing Realtor”, or “What is my Los Angeles home worth?” that let us know what their interest is.  These are typically motivated seller leads, looking for more information on the process of selling their home.

The average time for Realtor seller leads to convert from a lead into a listing is typically a minimum of 2-4 months.  We wish it was quicker than that, however if we told you it was we would be lying to you.  A 2-4 month time frame is very realistic.  There will also be plenty of leads who have 6 or 9 month time frames – these are fantastic pipeline building leads.  You still want to take listings 6 or 9 months from now right?  This is how you do it – build a long term, sustained, listing leads pipeline.

At Apex Lead Source, we offer comprehensive solutions for generating high-quality leads for home buyers. Our customized real estate landing pages are designed to attract potential buyers by providing valuable information and engaging content. Additionally, we use advanced PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising tools to target buyers actively searching for homes in your area, ensuring you reach a highly relevant audience.

Our services include daily optimization of your Google Ads campaigns, maximizing your investment and increasing your chances of converting visitors into leads. We also offer remarketing tools to re-engage potential buyers who have shown interest but haven’t yet taken action. With our expertise, you can expect a steady flow of qualified home buyer leads to grow your business.

Our program at Apex Lead Source is designed for all types of Realtors, whether you specialize in residential, commercial, luxury, or investment properties. Our customized tools and services cater to the unique needs of different Realtor segments, ensuring you get the best leads tailored to your market. With our advanced PPC advertising, targeted landing pages, and real estate ISA services, Realtors can effectively attract and convert both buyer and seller leads. Our solutions are flexible and scalable, making them ideal for solo real estate agents, small teams, and large brokerages alike.

The number of real estate seller leads, or buyer leads,  that you receive from PPC marketing will be determined by your Google Ads budget.  The average real estate agent will start with a Google Ads PPC budget of $400 – $500 per month.  Google is not an upfront cost, and they will charge your card directly each month.  For example, with a $400 per month Google Ads budget you can expect approximately 20-25 leads each month.  With a $500 per month Google Ads budget you can expect approximately 25-35 leads each month.

In most markets in the USA and Canada the average cost per seller lead is $15 – $20.

Most agents start with a Google Ads PPC budget in the range of $400 – $500 per month.  More experienced agents typically have monthly Google Ads budgets of $1000 – $1500. Google is not an upfront cost, and they will charge your card directly each month.

To answer this question we like to base this number off of 100 leads.  10, 20 or even 50 leads is too small of a sample size.  The average cost per lead in most USA & Canadian markets is $15 – $20 per lead, meaning that to generate 100 leads it will cost you $1500 – $2000 in Google charges.  Most agents will spread these charges out over 3-4 months.  More experienced agents will have this as their monthly budget. The rest falls on you:  are you going to consistently answer the phone?  Will you reply to your emails and text messages quickly?  If so, we expect you to convert at least 2-3 of the 100 leads into listings.  One listing makes you profitable, three makes you wildly so.

Absolutely NOT.  Unlike our competitors, we never share seller leads among agents.  Any listing leads generated through your account are yours, and yours alone, forever.  Apex Lead Source only generates exclusive leads for our clients.
With our new polygon mapping upgrade “out of area” leads are now impossible!  Simply outline the areas on the map that you want to be searchable addresses and say goodbye to “out of area” leads forever!
Included with all packages are real estate agent landing pages for:  seller leads, buyer leads, mortgage / lender leads, and recruitment leads. Seller Lead Landing Pages are our specialty!  In bustling real estate markets of cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Toronto, having an effective home valuation landing page is crucial for generating seller leads. At Apex Lead Source, we specialize in creating customized landing pages that not only attract potential sellers but also provide accurate property valuations. Whether you are in an area with high real estate activity, such as the Upper East Side of Manhattan or the Beverly Hills neighborhood in Los Angeles, we are ready to help you. Our team, led by industry experts with years of experience, ensures that each landing page is optimized to convert visitors into leads, providing agents with valuable opportunities to secure new listings.

Of course!  Please feel free to test our real estate seller lead landing page demo located here:

Yes!  We provide a simple code that you can place on any page of your website, where your traffic can enter our seller lead funnel directly from your main buyer (IDX) website.

You can view real estate marketing videos , and different features of the APX One AI system, by clicking the link.


The only thing you have to do is answer your phone, respond to your text messages, and respond to your emails.  That’s it!  Everything else is setup for you right from day one.

Yes, we certainly do. The lead capture live chat widget is included with all of our packages at no extra charge. Away from your office and not able to use our live chat widget? Simply turn on our live SMS chat tools instead and start having conversations from your website with SMS text messaging.

Yes!  Say goodbye to paying for Calendly and every other appointment scheduling software that you have to pay a separate monthly fee for.  Create as many calendars for you and your team as you like – included with all packages at no extra charge.

You bet! Automatically drop prerecorded voicemails to all of your leads that do not answer the phone.

For a breakdown of all of our fees for sending emails, making & receiving calls, sending text messages, etc. can be found on our Premium Service Pricing page.

Absolutely.  All of our packages include a QR code linking to your listing leads landing page.  Our QR codes will use colors to match your brand, along with placing your logo in the middle of the code.  Say goodbye to boring black-and-white QR code graphics, and watch your scans skyrocket!